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The Fixer shampoo bar is long-lasting with around 50-75 washes and is a replacement for plastic shampoo bottles. Your hair and the environment will thank you for using this zero waste bar.

The Fixer gives your hair all the TLC it needs. With a combination of soothing lavender, a touch of sweet basil, and the deep warmth of cedarwood essential oils, and super-power ingredients – stinging nettle extract and rosemary essential oil – you'll reduce scalp inflammation, neutralize free radical damage and oxidative stress, all while blocking DHT to help prevent hair loss.

2.5 oz. Made in Alberta, Canada. This shampoo bar comes package free. 

Recommended hair type: For chemically-treated hair as repairing and strengthening treatment. 

How to use: Apply the shampoo bar directly to wet hair and work bar through strands of hair. Massage through hair until the desired lather is reached then rinse thoroughly.


Sodium coco sulfate, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea oil, hemp seed oil, apricot seed oil, stinging nettle extract, cocoa powder, (essential oils of: lavender 40/42, peppermint supreme, eucalyptus blue mallee, rosemary (Morocco), clary sage (France), sweet basil (India), cedarwood Virginian), and d-panthenol.

100% essential oil. Vegan & cruelty-free. No SLS or artificial fragrances. 

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