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1 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year in the United States. That's enough to stretch around the Earth 4 times. Isn't that scary? Make brushing your teeth more eco-friendly and stylish with this bamboo toothbrush.  

  • Soft head bristles with an upward curve to better reach molars
  • To replace plastic toothbrushes

Care instructions: This eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush will last just as long as a conventional plastic toothbrush. 

Why bamboo? Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly crops that exist today. It is not only a renewable resource but one that does so quickly. A bamboo plantation has a yield up to 25 times that of a forest and absorbs 35% more CO2 than a regularly mixed forest. Bamboo does not require pesticides or artificial fertilizers. The manufacture of OLA Bamboo toothbrushes only requires a variety of bamboo that is not eaten by pandas or other animals.


Handle made in bamboo, bristles made of nylon. Designed in Ontario Canada, made in China.

End of life: Compost the handle after removing the bristles. Or repurpose it as a shoe cleaner, vegetable brush.